Imagine a place…

Albert Marino

So…I’m tellin’ ya

You are about to travel to a place where only I, Alfie have been.  I’ll take you on my journey which chronicles those things which make us just who we are.  Or in this case, who I am and how I got to be this way for better or worse. You may find these musings funny, odd, thought provoking, ridiculous, irreverent, paradoxical, political, cynical, optimistic, redeeming… but mostly, just plain ol’ fun.  And please remember, there is a little bit of truth to all I say.  And if what I say is not true, then damn it, it ought to be (credit Dr. Robert Winter of Occidental College with that line).

Al Marino - GymnasticsI will post those stories and snippetZ which have shaped my life as well as those which are a result of that shaping. Several have already been created. The first of which is a bit of spoof called…you guessed it… “Alfieland…the story.”  I want to make my mark that says… “I was here.”  This is what geezers do when we acknowledge our mortality and come to terms with …’there’s way more behind me than what’s in front.’  While I  still have ‘fire in the belly’ for what lies ahead, reliving my past does bring an element of clarity in answering the most difficult of questions like…

Have I lived a life of meaning and purpose?  Have I positively affected and influenced others? Have I laughed more than cried?  Are my personal relationships in tact?  Will I leave it better than I found it?  If given the opportunity to come around again, how different will the next journey be?  When it comes to regrets, I’m reminded of Sinatra’s line in “My Way” where he sings… “regrets?… I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.”  That’s kinda’ where I live.

Al MarinoMy initial post sets the tone for what Alfieland is like.  It is my world and how I tend to come at life in general.  So, please look in from time to time and let me know what you think.  I’m a big boy and I can take it…even though I’m a bit more fragile than I care to admit.
Enjoy…I hope!



USS Stox ‘n’ Jox

25 Responses to Imagine a place…

  1. BG

    Wow, looks like I just stumbled upon a new website! Don’t see any posts yet but your home page intro sounds intriguing. I’ll check back when you get some thing more going. Good luck with the site!

    • Alfie

      BG…thanks for lookin’ in. Obviously, we are in the birthing stages of getting this site up and running. I expect to have my first story, “Alfieland,” posted next week along with some pix and music so look in again and let me know what you think.

  2. Mary

    Well, you’ve begun! How exciting!!!
    I look forward to reading more stories, my friend.
    You are amazing, Al
    Stay well,


  3. Rick Wells

    Who is that guy doing the iron cross? He reminds me of a great base singer that I sang with back at Temple University. Hard to believe it is almost 50 years since we were part of that EIGL championship gymnastic team at Temple in 1964.
    It is nice to see you have been so successful in your business and family life.
    But it is not a surprise to me because I always knew you had a lot going for you.
    Great to hear from you.

  4. Rick…so glad you looked in on my little folly. I was really privileged to be part of that great ’64 Temple championship team, and equally privileged to have you as teammate, roommate, friend and especially as second tenor of the infamous “Gymtones.”


  5. Jerry Weber

    Alfie, it’s been almost 50 years since you were my student in your master’s degree program at OU. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve maintained a warm and rewarding relationship for all of these years. Of course, if I still had my red pen I would correct the errors in your first effort, but nice try.

    Seriously, I love you and I think you know it.

  6. Dr. Weber…nothing has changed regarding your infamous red pen. Please don’t grade these little vignettes if you wish to continue our “warm and rewarding relationship”…I’m way too fragile at this stage of my life.
    On a serious note, I cannot thank you enough for your friendship, direction and inspiration. With love,

  7. Batman

    I love it, but don’t have a clue as to how I can look in in the future

  8. Bat…just log on to as often as you would like, and be sure to turn on your sound. I’ll post new stuff every week or two going forward. I haven’t written my story about you…yet, and I’ve got a lot o’ stuff.
    Alfie…aka Albie to family!

  9. Ivan Cury

    Just another fan!

  10. Ivan…welcome to the “tribe.”

  11. Harvey Frankel

    Hey Albert, As I read Blue Mt Camp you provide terrific insight regarding your transformation to adulthood, even though I always saw you as the BMOC. When you ended at BMC, I was the age you were when you first set foot on the property.
    My lasting memory of you is the set of rings that you hung from a tree in the woods next to the boys’ lodge and your practicing those muscular positions. You were a great role model for so many of us campers. Thank you, harvey

  12. Gordon Maddux

    Albie…I finally found it!!!!
    I hope we both live long enough to share my chapter.

    Love you

    • Alfie

      …yours is comin’. I’ll give you heads up prior to posting so that you can edit…NOT!!!

      Albie…aka Alfie

  13. Steve "Bruno" Martin


    Awesome site, especially the music and the old photos. What’s the deal with you and your friend in your swim trunks-LOL?
    Keep it up as I look forward to reading more. Bruno

    • Alfie

      …I know…the surfer jams have brought several inquiries. Glad you found the site fun…I’m workin’ on some more stuff and thanks for lookin’ in.


  14. Don Jackson

    Hello Al, met someone today who brought back my memory of you. I stumbled across your site and will check back often. I was a gymnast back in the early 70’s from Locke HS and ended up at USC. Great pictures of you and stories.


    • Alfie

      Donald… I remember you very well. I wish we were successful in recruiting you to Cal State LA. But I do know you had a great career and education at USC with Jack Beckner.

  15. Tod Shedlosky

    :@ Al or Dr. Alfie, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the blog reviews over the past 4 weeks! It took me that long to absorb all of the great and relevant facts! Need some new posts! See you soon in LA… Shedlo

  16. Shedlo…sorry for my delayed response. Great visiting with you on our flight to Philly and thanks for looking in I’ve texted Max and await his response…I’ll keep you posted.


  17. Alex

    Hi there. Is there any chance you are no longer using this website and interested in selling your web url? I want to create a blog for my pup Alfie and would love to call it Alfie Land.

    • Alfie

      Alex…sorry, but I intend to continue adding somethings to my site although nothing has been published for a while. Should that change, I’ll let you know.

  18. What you need is pictures of your incredibly handsome nephew. That would take this site to the next level!

    • Alfie

      …you need to get better looking for me to post a pic of u, my ‘handsome nephew’…I don’t want to scare any possible visitors to the site…now if you asked me to post pics of your wife and daughter, well that’s another story.

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