Who Speaks For Me?

…I’m probably one of many who live in ‘political purgatory.’ I’m not a republican although my politics do lean to the right; I’m not a Democrat although I support some moderately left issues; I’m not a Libertarian although I really want government out of my life (mostly). So, the question is… who in the body politic speaks for me?

To The Right:

1. I support law and order, Blue Lives Matter and our military
2. I support the both the 1st & 2nd Amendments as written (and all others)
3. I support the wall and secure borders
4. I support fiscal restraint
5. I support ‘stand your ground’
6. I support our flag and our National Anthem
7. I support Civil Liberties
8. I support a market economy
9. I support school choice
10. I support civility in our public discourse.
11. I support ‘justice for all’ …for all!

1. I reject BLM & Antifa
2. I reject amnesty for illegal immigrants
3. I reject most forms of social engineering…busing, affirmative action, quotas
4. I reject identity politics
5. I reject socialism
6. I reject violence and destruction of property in the name of anything
7. I reject the ‘Green New Deal’
8. I reject Project 1691
9. I reject cashless bail
10. I reject ‘fake news’
11. I reject the fantasy of White Privilege & Systemic Racism
12. I reject the left’s idea of equity
13. I reject ‘micro aggressions’
14. I reject Critical Race Theory

To The Left:

1. I support abortion during the 1st and early 2nd trimester of pregnancy
2. I support gay marriage
3. I support some social & financial welfare programs
4. I support separation of church & state
5. I support health care and housing for the indigent
6. I support significant reduction in college tuition fees
7. I support reasonable steps toward improving our environment
8. I support peaceful protest
9. I support equality
10. I support racial justice
11. I support judicial reform

1. I reject global isolation
2. I reject disengagement in strategic and volatile places
3. I reject refusal to consider and debate new & controversial issues
4. I reject QAnon, Proud Boys, White Supremacists and any alt right groups
5. I reject all forms of racial prejudice

To The Libertarians:

1. I support much smaller & limited government
2. I support individual rights & responsibilities
3. I support non-interventionism
4. I support a market economy
5. I support criminal justice reform
6. I support the individual’s right to sovereignty

1. I reject the notion of optional tax paying
2. I reject isolationism
3. I reject liassez-faire economic policy
4. I reject the ineffective war on drugs

Is it time for a real 3rd party where the centrists from both the left and right can bring some sanity back to our republic without attracting more from one party than the other thereby causing a possible mandate for the party with the fewest defectors? Not likely, but a thought worthy of consideration.


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